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    Consola Sonido 6 Canales
    6 Channel Mixing Console with integrated DSP effects processor

    The mixing console has a total of six (6) input channels: 2 MIC inputs (mono) and 2 line inputs (stereo).

    The LAX series mixers have a natural sound with outstanding parameters and optimal user-friendliness as well as maximum dependability in day-to-day operation on the road. This makes them the perfect, affordable solution for a broad range of applications. Whether live on stage, home/project recording or installations of all kinds such as community centers, churches, and bars/bistros, the LAX series offers the right solution for many applications. Continuous on-site quality control according to ISO9001 ensures high dependability and high quality.

    Especially high headroom and dynamic range
    Extra low-distortion preamps
    Outstanding performance with excellent noise behaviour
    High-quality potentiometers/faders with smooth feel
    Robust construction for long service life
    Main section

    2-track routing to main mix bus (L/R) or control room/headphone output
    1 x stereo AUX return usable as additional line input
    LED level meter (8 segments) for output level display
    Main mix source matrix: 2-track
    Control room source matrix: main mix, 2-track
    Balanced jack (TRS) outputs
    Built-in DSP multieffects processor with 100 presets
    Presets – DSP effects

    00 - 09: Echo
    10 - 19: Echo Verb
    20 - 29: Tremolo
    30 - 39: Plate
    40 - 49: Chorus
    50 - 59: Vocal
    60 - 69: Rotary
    70 - 79: Small Room
    80 - 89: Flanger Verb
    90 - 99: Large Hall
    Mono channels

    Mic inputs: XLR (gold plated) plus 1/4 Inch jack
    Gain (trim): up to 40 dB
    Insert path for connecting external signal processors
    Warm and natural sounding 3-band EQ with fixed mid-band frequency of 2.5 kHz
    1 x AUX send for external effects or monitoring
    Peak LED
    Stereo channels

    Left input for mono signals
    3-band EQ with fixed mid-band frequency
    1 x AUX send for external effects or monitoring
    Peak LED
    Physical data

    Dimensions (WxHxD): 178 x 70 x 295 mm
    Weight: 2 kg